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Handing in My Resignation

A Timeline:

Tuesday, 8/22: I typed out my resignation letter --

I was at home at my desk in the morning, my mom by my side as she was packing to go back home. I told her I was going to just sit down and finally write the resignation letter with specific dates that God had been telling me to write for months. He had told me to go ahead and write it before I even thought about leaving, and he told me to put the end of August. So low and behold now at the end of August I was feeling such a strong pull. Taking out my computer, I knew I wanted to make the letter short and sweet and I was proud of the way I conveyed my gratitude and my desire to move forward.

Thursday, 8/24: Tour of the company I applied to --

My application to this position at a company I've been following for years was in and I saw on the Meetup app that the company offers tours of their facility and their offerings every other Thursday. Of course, because of the way things have been working out, Thursday was one of them! I took lunch early and headed over there, thinking I'd just blend in with everyone and then speak with them after to introduce myself. Nope, that's not how God works. I was the only person there! So I met who I would be replacing and spoke with her a while and she kept saying me coming and my story served as such confirmation to her in what she is facing in her own life. I was meant to be there that day and I already feel the job is mine so I am standing on faith. She asked that I resend my application directly to her so I did later that day.

Friday, 8/25: Email received and my resignation --

First thing in the morning I checked my email and I had one from the woman I met at the company I want to work for. She was asking that the week of Labor Day I come in to meet with the CEO and the rest of the team! He is on paternity leave so he will be back that week. I am still riding off of this adrenaline days later mind you, and I am looking forward to scheduling that! Friday was also the day I decided to hand in my letter of resignation. I intended to wait until Monday, but Thursday before I left work my boss asked me if I was feeling unhappy in my job so I figured might as well not wait any longer. My coworkers are sad but also very happy for me. I cannot believe how many came up to me after telling me they wish they were doing this. My last day will be Friday, September 8th. I did it. I actually did it.

I had every intention to take a leap of faith and resign without another job lined up. I accepted that was what I needed to do even though it was terrifying. And because I decided to do that, the company I thought I wasn't cool enough to work for is interested in me and things have moved at a rapid pace with them. There could be no bigger sign that I am doing exactly the right thing. Time to create a life I love!

How Do You Create a Life You Love?

How Do You Create a Life You Love?

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