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How Do You Create a Life You Love?

How Do You Create a Life You Love?

It sounds like such a daunting task, no? Creating a life you love turns out to be more work sometimes than just staying in your comfort zone. But it is so worth it, I promise. I have only begun to take on the task, but I can already tell that I am forever changed. I can never go back to my little comfort bubble; I have already crossed the threshold. When I am trying to figure out how to do something, I like a set list of steps to help me accomplish the task, so although it's a bit more complicated than that, I feel I can try my best to provide that for you. Want to create a life you love? Here are the basics on what it takes to accomplish that goal:

  1. Make a list of your top 5 values. These are the values that drive everything else in your life. Dig deep on this one as they will dictate in which direction you take the rest of your list. Ask yourself questions to finalize the list like, "Is this a true value or just a means to get to another value?" Once you feel good about your list, move on to step 2.
  2. Sit down and visualize what a life that you love would look like. It should be hitting on at least some of the values you decided on in step 1. Visualize an ideal day in this life you've created. What are you doing? Who are you with? See yourself at work and how you're spending that time. Take your time, there is no limit!
  3. During that visualization after you start seeing your new life, add another dimension to the exercise. What are you feeling throughout each section of your new life that you're visualizing? What kinds of things are you feeling while you've just woken up in your dream house in your visualization? How are you feeling about going to work? Attach authentic feelings to the life you're creating for yourself because the emotions are what help carry what you see into reality.
  4. Make a consistent practice of visualization, even if it is for 5 minutes a day. Once these images and feelings become clear to you and feel right and become consistent, that is when you can focus on bringing them into your life. Just focus on how you can bring parts of that ideal life into your life right now. If in the life you're creating for yourself you live at the beach, can you bring a jar of sand into the home you have now so you can see that everyday? If in your ideal life you get to head a project at work, is there a way in your job now you can come up with a potential project plan to present to management? I hope you get the idea, this part is the gateway to bringing the life you create into the life you're living.
  5. Patience. No one likes to hear that but I'll say it again, patience. I am THE most impatient person so I'm laughing while I'm writing this. I can't tell you I follow this one well, but consistency about all of the above also means the dreaded waiting period will come, but because you're living your ideal life in your mind and bringing pieces of that into your life now, it makes the waiting a bit easier. And truly, once you are focused and put clear intentions and desires out into the world, you'll be surprised at how quickly the universe reacts. You're raising your vibrations and frequency to meet those of the energy of the universe around you. When you're aligned, miracles can happen. Miracles do happen. But you have to maintain consistency and patience. I've found having a gratitude practice alongside this helps a lot!
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And bam! One day you'll look around and say to yourself that you are awesome and brave and amazing and blah blah blah. Everything you touch will be only because it brings you joy. You will create and curate what surrounds you and comes into your life. It just takes a little work, that's all!

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